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Magento 1.9 docker image, for dev and test only.
Full Description

Docker image for Magento 1.9

Magento version:

Built on alexcheng's image, added sendmail support.
For development, fun and test purpose only, it lacks essential support for production deployment.
(The true story is that a friend of mine asked for a hand out with some magento crappy things, and I was curious to try out docker.)

What's inside?

  • A Dockerfile which output image is pushed to sekmo/magento on dockerhub (it runs supervisor to start apache and sendmail on the same container)
  • A htdocs folder (stuffed with Magento files) and a (empty) mysql folder for persistence
  • A docker-compose.yml conf file that runs the images sekmo/magento and mysql 5.6.23
  • A script which is run by supervisor (it just sets the /etc/hosts file on the magento container to run sendmail)
  • An env file which contains some environments variable (mysql user and password)
  • A usr_local_etc_php directory with a working php.ini

How to use

Clone the repo, cd to the directory and run docker-compose to start the apache and mysql containers in one shot

docker-compose up -d

Stop the containers with

docker-compose down


While volume containers should be used for persistence, I preferred to keep things easy and just link the htdocs and mysql folder to the docker host.

Other notes

I exposed the 3306 port of the mysql container just because it's handy using something like Sequel Pro to connect to the container.
(it's not required by the magento container since it's linked through the docker internal network)

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