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Kibana4 for Logsene
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Kibana4 for Logsene

About Logsene: Centralized Logging, Log Management & Analytics has never been easier. Logsene is your ELK Stack in the Cloud or On Premises.

This container supports SSL and authentication for Kibana4.

docker pull sematext/kibana4
docker run -d -p 5601:5601 -e TOKEN=YOUR-APP-TOKEN -e PASSWORD=secret sematext/kibana4

To run Kibana 4 for multiple Logsene Apps simply start the docker container on different ports e.g. “-p 5602:5601”.


Open the web browser https://user:password@hostname:port/ in our example


When Kibana 4 starts the first time it asks for an "index pattern" - the Logsene App Token is the prefix terminated with and underscore and followed by the date pattern:


Complete list of parameters:

The following parameters can be used with "-e" command line option of docker.

  • TOKEN - Your Logsene App-Token (mandatory parameter)
  • USER - user to create in .htpasswd for Kibana4, defaults to "kibana"
  • PASSWORD - password to use in .htpasswd, defaults to "secret"
  • CERT - optional, openssl '-subj' parameter to generate the SSL certificate defaults to "/C=GB/ST=London/L=London/O=GlobalSecurity/OU=IT/"

How to get data into Logsene?

Integrations with existing log shippers ensure that you can choose quickly 'your way' to ship logs into Logsene:

  • Logstash, Flume, fluentd, rsyslog, ...
  • via Logsene syslog receiver (IP whitelist, TLS, ...)
  • directly via Elasticsearch API - not only for logs by using your own mapping

More information: Sematext blog / centralized logging

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