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Performance Monitoring, Events and Logs for Docker, Docker Cloud, Docker UCP, Swarm, CoreOS, ...
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Image tags

  • latest - the latest release (stable)
  • X.Y.Z - release version (stable)
  • X.Y.Z-rc1-N - release candidates (unstable)
  • dev - build from GitHub master branch (unstable)
  • swarm3k - custom build for SwarmZilla, used only for the swarm3k test.

Sematext Agent for Docker

Sematext Agent for Docker collects Metrics, Events and Logs from the Docker API for SPM Docker Monitoring & Logsene / Hosted ELK Log Management. Works with CoreOS, Rancher, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, Hashicorp Nomad, Amazon ECS, ... see the installation.


  1. Get a free account at
  2. Create an SPM App of type "Docker" for Docker metrics. Copy its App Token.
    Optionally, create a Logs App to obtain an App Token for Logsene
  3. Run the image using individual SPM and Logsene tokens

    docker pull sematext/sematext-agent-docker
    docker run -d --name sematext-agent-docker -e SPM_TOKEN=YOUR_SPM_TOKEN -e LOGSENE_TOKEN=YOUR_LOGSENE_TOKEN -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock sematext/sematext-agent-docker

    You’ll see your Docker metrics in Sematext Cloud after about a minute.

  4. Watch metrics, search container logs, use anomaly detection for logs and metrics, create email reports and much more ...

Certified and Public images

There are several places to obtain Sematext Docker Agent images:

  1. Docker Certified images in Docker Store
docker pull store/sematext/sematext-agent-docker
  1. Red Hat certified images in Red Hat Container Catalog
docker login
docker pull
  1. Public images from Docker Hub
docker pull


  1. Sematext Docker Agent Homepage
  2. Sematext Docker Agent Documentation
  3. Chat with us in the Sematext user interface or drop an e-mail to
  4. Open an issue here
  5. Contribution guide here
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