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artifactory 4.4.3
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Run Artifactory inside a Docker container.
This image is based on the following image:
Link: mattgruter/artifactory

(this image is using the open source version of artifactory and storers data in the embedded derby database)


Artifactories data, logs and backup directories are exported as volumes:



The service is exposed through port 8080.


To run artifactory do:

sudo docker run -p 8080:8080 --name artifactory --restart=always -d -v /srv/docker/artifactory/data:/artifactory/data -v /srv/docker/artifactory/logs:/artifactory/logs -v /srv/docker/artifactory/backup:/artifactory/backup semoncat/artifactory

Now point your browser to

Administration is done by user admin with password password.


The artifactory servlet is available at the artifactory/ path. However a filter redirects all paths outside of artifactory/ to the artifactory servlet. Thus instead of linking to the URL you can just link to (i.e. omitting the subpath artifactory/).

Runtime options

Inject the environment variable RUNTIME_OPTS when starting a container to set Tomcat's runtime options (i.e. CATALANA_OPTS). The most common use case is to set the heap size:

docker run -e RUNTIME_OPTS="-Xms256m -Xmx512m" -P amesken/artifactory

Advanced Artifactory

Switching to Artifactory Pro

If you are using Artifactory Pro, the artifactory war archive has to be replaced. The image tagged -onbuild is built with an ONBUILD trigger for this purpose. Unpack the Artifactory Pro distribution ZIP file and place the file artifactory.war (located in the archive) in the same directory as a simple Dockerfile that extends the onbuild image:

# Dockerfile for Artifactory Pro
FROM mattgruter/artifactory:latest-onbuild

Now build your child docker image:

docker build -t yourname/myartifactory .

The ONBUILD trigger ensures your artifactory.war is picked up and applied to the image upon build.

docker run -P yourname/myartifactory

Context of this image

This artifactory image is originally created to work with a complete Continuous Delivery tool stack which can be obtained from docker or github.
The image is based on this blog article by Marcel Birkner.

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