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Short Description
Slack bot, which evaluates code blocks as Kotlin in message if mentioned
Full Description

Simple Kotlin REPL bot for Slack

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  • 0.0.0-snapshot, latest


Using this image may leads to security vulnerability such as REMOTE CODE EXECUTION on server which runs this container, please check all twice, before allowing unauthenticated users to access it.
Ideas on security improvement are welcome in comments and github

Example command

sudo docker run --read-only --tmpfs /run --tmpfs /tmp --restart=on-failure -e API_TOKEN=<slack api token> -e WORKERS=<workers number> --name KESB -d semoro/kesb:latest

Explanation why

--read-only --tmpfs /run --tmpfs /tmp
User code will run inside container, to prevent host filesystem destruction you MUST use this option, and MUST NOT mount anything to this container

Environment Variables


Slack API token, you can get one on Custom Integrations For Your Team
Also you can choose bot name there, I'd prefer kotlinc


Size of workers pool, it defines count of parallel executing scripts


Execution timeout in milliseconds, if code running for more than it process will be killed, if for some reason bot unable to kill process it will exits with code 1 to allow docker make clean-up, that's why --restart=on-failure are used in example command

End user info

Channel admin should
/invite @kotlinc
to a channel

To use bot you should mention it
like @kotlinc in your Slack message, also message must contains code blocks.

Docker Pull Command