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This is the back-end for openSenseMap.

openSenseMap is part of the senseBox project.
To get more information about openSenseMap and senseBox visit the before mentioned links or have a look at this video.

Originally, this API has been built as part the bachelor thesis of @mpfeil at the ifgi (Institute for Geoinformatics, WWU Münster).




It is assumed that you have installed node.js Version 6 LTS. Install dependencies with yarn

yarn install

There are several config keys in config/index.js. These can also be configured through environment keys. Just prefix your environment keys with OSEM_ to be read by the api.


The API needs a running MongoDB instance with a OSeM-api database and credentials.

The best way to run the database for development is to use the supplied docker-compose.yml and run

docker-compose up -d db

require() openSenseMap-API for other projects

You can require several parts of the API in other projects.

Install it as dependency

# for specific branch/commit/tag append #<branch/commit/tag>
yarn add git://

This allows you to use parts like models and decoding in your own project. See index.js.

Create the JSDoc pages

To create the documentation you need apidocjs and run:

apidoc -e node_modules/

Running Tests

You can run the tests in containers using docker and docker-compose.

# Only run this once or every time you change dependencies in package.json
docker-compose -p osemapitest -f tests-docker-compose.yml build osem-api


Running in Production

Look at the OSeM-compose repository. It contains a deployment with docker compose.


MIT - Matthias Pfeil 2015 - 2017

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