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1. FROM senzhub/tyk-fully-installed

2.EXPOSE 5000 3000

3.start the supervisord, and it should be running with nodaemon the host port to container port 3000 and 5000

5.enter the container,create new user and new org

6.enter the container,create mongo tyk user

7.when ship the system to other host,need to commit or export for saving the files in redis and mongo

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3 years ago

for the download and install processes bring lots of bugs purely by the dockerfile, so i just install it manually, and push the installed version on the platform.
and i suggest installing the tyk ,dashboard ,mongo, redis in distributed way.
our version provides an all-in-one version but may cause some scalability problems..

3 years ago

I'm having some issues getting it all together, would you mind sharing the Dockerfile?