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Docker image based on adafruits fontconverter in their GFX library
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Fontconverter docker image

This image runs the font converter app from Adafruits GFX library.

With this image you don't have to compile the (admittedly) small app yourself and more importingly install a bunch of
software onto your machine.

I also hade problems compiling it on Mac OS X, which why I initially wrote this docker file.


cd into the directory containing a font file.

Run docker run --rm -i -t -vpwd:/fonts sepal/fontconverter fontconvert [font_file] [size] > [out_file],
replacing [font_file] with the font file you wan't to convert, [size] with the the font size and [out_file]
the file the c header file containg the font.

The commands runs the fontconvert file in a container with the current directory attaached it as volume. After fontconvert
finishes, it will automatically remove the container again.


# Download the Inconsolata font from squirrel fonts. Inconsolata is nice monospaced font.

# Unzip the archive.
unzip Inconsolata

# Convert the font with the size 12 and write it into a new Inconsolata.h file.
docker run --rm -i -t -v `pwd`:/fonts sepal/fontconverter fontconvert Inconsolata.otf 12 > Inconsolata.h


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