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While working with DNS you always need the dig tool. Installing dig in various linux
is always different. The containing package name is:

  • debian/ubuntu: dnsutils
  • centos: bind-utils
  • alpine: n/a

This repo aims 2 target:

  • [x] Statically compiled single binary version, to make installation a simple download
  • [ ] Create an alpine linux package for dig

Statically compiled binary

To achive this goal 4 components are used:

  • Alpine linux: as it targets static compilation with musl libc
  • Docker: the easiest way to have a reproducible automated build process
  • CircleCI: They provide free continous build env, with docker capability
  • Github Releases: the final artifact will be stored as a versioned Github Release


The one-liner install for all 64 bit linux:

curl -L|tar -xzv -C /usr/local/bin/

Alpine linux package

It's just scratching my own itch: to learn how to create an Alpine linux package.
It will only happen if I can fit it into a couple of hours effort ...

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