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Postgres database pre-initialized with Ambari database schema
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Postgres with pre-initiaized ambari database schema

While developing Ambari Server we may want to quickly set up a postgres database pre-initiaized with Ambari database schema. This docker image sets up a postgres database with 'ambari' database user and latest database schema from 'trunk' branch by default.

Starting the container

This will start an image based on postgres and pre-installed ambari database. The ambari database schema is created based on trunk.

docker run -d -P --name amabri-dev-psql-trunk sequenceiq/ambari-dev-psql

Explanation of the parameters:

  • -d: run as daemon
  • -P: since the Postgres database running within the container listens on the default port 5432 this needs to be exposed so as it'd reachable from outside of the container
  • --name: sets the container name to amabri-dev-psql-trunk (optional)

Starting the container with ambari database version other than 'trunk'

You can specify the ambari version number through the VER environment variable to initialize initialize the database shema from.

docker run -d -P -e VER=<the desired version> --name amabri-dev-psql sequenceiq/ambari-dev-psql

Starting the container with a preset Postgres port number

docker run -d -p 7002:5432 --name amabri-dev-psql-trunk sequenceiq/ambari-dev-psql

Connecting to the database from outside the container

psql -h $(boot2docker ip) -p <port number the Postgres port 5432 is exposed to> -U ambari -d ambari
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