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Before you push your blog to the source branch, it should be tested.
Testing means:

  • generating the static files with jekyll
  • serving static pages with some webserver

It's definitely not enough if it looks good on github, or in your markdown editor.

Testing the blog

To locally test a new blog entry, follow these steps:

  • Checkout the sequenceiq/blog-test github repo.
  • Create a new post like source/_posts/2014-08-31-my-new-blog.markdown
  • Create and run a blog-test container:

  -d --dirty    don't stash uncommitted changed

It will:

  • stash away uncommitted changes (unless -d is used)
  • COPY the workdir to a new blog-test Docker image, at /tmp/blog
  • RUN rake generate inside the container
  • start the new Docker image, which will serve the public/blog on http
  • stash back
  • Automatically open a browser pointing to:

Changing local port

In case your port 8080 is already occupied, you can change it:

export BLOG_PORT=9876

Terminate the server

The blog server is started as a backround container. To clean up:

docker rm -f blog-test && docker rmi blog-test-image
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