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This docker image helps you to start cloudbreak-shell. Previously the shell
was part of the Cloudbreak docker image, but they have a separate lifecycle,
so it deserves it’s very own Dockerfile. Here it comes ...


To connect to the hosted Cloudbreak server, you only need your
account email and password

docker run -e -e SEQUENCEIQ_PASSWORD=secret123 -it sequenceiq/cb-shell:0.5.14

Keep passwords secret

Its not a good practice to type your password in a command line. Instead of passing the plain text password as:


You can set it in your .profile or .bash_profile

export SEQUENCEIQ_PASSWORD=secret123

At Docker start you will pass it as:


Custom Cloudbreak server

By default, if you don’t specify, the default url’s will be use/connect to:

If you want to connect to your own Cloudbreak deployment:

docker run -it \
  -e \
  -e SEQUENCEIQ_PASSWORD=secret123 sequenceiq/cb-shell:0.5.14

If you want to connect to Cloudbreak deployment setup with cloudbreak-deployer

docker run -it \
  -e \
  -e SEQUENCEIQ_PASSWORD=cloudbreak sequenceiq/cb-shell:0.5.14

With a cloudbreak-deployer setup, you can also use this command to get Cloudbreak shell (recommended)

cbd util cloudbreak-shell

Custom jar

If you want to use a custom Cloudbreak shell artifact (e.g. another version), all you need is to specify it via
the CLOUDBREAK_CUSTOM_JAR_URL= env variable:

docker run -it \
  sequenceiq/cb-shell:0.5.14 secret123


If you want to see more output, set the TRACE and variable to anything:

docker run -e TRACE=1 ...
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