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This image aims to run a selfhosted
ngrok daemon. For example when becomes unavailable, ot you want to use
custom domain name feature for free.

running ngrok dameon

docker run -d --name ngrokd \
  --restart=always \
  -p 4480:4480 \
  -p 4444:4444 \
  -p 4443:4443 \
  sequenceiq/ngrokd \
    -httpAddr=:4480 \
    -httpsAddr=:4444 \

client install

As you want to run ngrokd which is not distributed officially, we compiled
it for linux and osx, but as the self hosting docs

Since the client and server executables are paired, you won't be able to use
any other ngrok to connect to this ngrokd, and vice versa.

You also need a new client. For that reason the version numbers is set to 1.7.2


There is a usual one-liner which does the client installation and configuration:

curl -Ls

For reference, or if you want to do only the install step:

brew cask install


curl -o /usr/local/bin/ngrok
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ngrok

checking ngrok version

You should see the 1.7.2 on client side:

> ngrok version


client config

cat > ~/.ngrok <<EOF
trust_host_root_certs: false

If you used the one-liner, you don't need this.

start client

as ususal

ngrok <port>

dns config

The server side will need an A record something like:

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