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CentOS6 + php-fpm daemon

This container is intended to be a FCGI daemon to serve requests to PHP files.
With additional configuration (see below) it can reload configuration on the fly with no interruption of service.

List of environment variables

  • PHP_FPM_USER - the user id to run PHP-FPM daemon. Optional.
  • PHPINI_xxxxx - set of variables to modify php.ini. Optional.
  • WWWCONF_xxxxx - set of variables to modify www.conf. Optional.
  • ETCDCTL_PEERS - address of etcd service to watch reload signal. Optional.
  • ETCDCTL_WATCH - path inside etcd to watch reload signal. Optional.


Use -e PHP_FPM_USER=<user id> to run php-fpm under other Unix account.
It may be necessary to access PHP files.

You may set variables like PHPINI_XXXX=Value to set variable XXXX = Value at /etc/php.ini file.
For example -e PHPINI_upload_max_filesize=5M will set upload_max_filesize = 5M at php.ini.

If you need to set variable with dot . inside, you may use double underscore __.
For example -e PHPINI_soap__wsdl_cache_enabled=1 will set soap.wsdl_cache_enabled = 1 at php.ini.

Also you may set characters [ and ] in variable names. 3 underscores ___ = [ and 4 underscores ____ = ].
So WWWCONF_env___test____=10 should be env[test]=10.

Reload configuration on the fly

New configuration files should be at /conf/phpfpm/ directory then you need to send reload string to ETCDCTL_WATCH path to initiate reload of PHP-FPM.
You may use varsy/configurator container to manage git based configuration and reload PHP-FPM daemon.
Use templates of configuration from confd directory.

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