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Debian Docker Base Image with Useful Tools
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Debian Docker Base Image with Useful Tools

Dockerfile for extending official Debian image with useful tools, e.g. Git, Wget, etc. The Image is a good starting
point to create your own small images with some handy tools. See Docker Hub
for more details about the image.

What's inside?

  • ca-certificates: Brings root certs for trusting secured connections with common CAs.
  • cron: Use Cron jobs for scheduling tasks like cleanup processes.
  • curl: Swiss army knife to use various number of protocols.
  • git: THE version control system.
  • nano: Easy editor for modifying files.
  • openssh-server: For connecting to the container via SSH and executing commands within.
  • rsync: Use it for copying files from server A to server B.
  • ssmtp: Tiny mail server for sending mails from your application to the world.
  • supervisor: Helper for running multiple processes in a container, e.g. cron and openssh-server.
  • unzip: Unpack ZIP archives.
  • vim: Powerful editor for nerds.
  • wget: The standard for downloading archives.

Supported Tags

Log into container via SSH with public key

Mount your public key into the container and define the path with
environment variable SSH_AUTHORIZED_KEYS. Example:

docker run -d -P -v ~/.ssh/ -e "SSH_AUTHORIZED_KEYS=/authorized_keys" servivum/debian

Use sSMTP with external SMTP relay server

sSMTP is like a proxy which delegates the mails to a real MTA like
postfix. With these environment variables it is possible to define a
relay server with the corresponding credentials.

docker run -d -P \
-e "" \
-e "" \
-e "SMTP_AUTH_PASS=secret" \
-e "SMTP_STARTTLS=true" \
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