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Generate the Docker image for a SESYNC training event.
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SESYNC Cyberinfrastructure Teaching-Lab

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center ( offers short courses on the use of cyberinfrastructure in pursuit of the Center's scientific mission. Software for the course is bundled into a Docker image, accessible in two locations (this README serves both).

  • The source repository on GitHub contains the Dockerfile and additional data that provide instructions for a Docker daemon to build an image.

  • The image repository on Docker Hub contains automated builds of the teaching-lab image.

Releases of the source on GitHub will be matched with tags on Docker Hub images, reflecting the date and name of a past training event. Trainees at a current or upcoming event should use the defaul (i.e. "latest") tag, unless otherwise instructed.

Users and Volumes

Create a user by setting the USER environment variable (under the "Settings" tab in Kitematic). The password will be the same as the username. A folder on the host may be mounted as volume "/data" in the container. Note that doing so requires starting a new container. From the Kitematic "Settings" tab for the current container, select "Volumes" and click "CHANGE" in the row for "/data". Choose, or create, a folder, in your filesystem.

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