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Simplify your CfA brigade's website maintenance
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BrigadeHub is an alpha work in progress of a Code for America Brigade website/portal. This is being built to consolidate the efforts of maintaining a brigade website into a single location, and to allow other non-developer brigade leadership to update content as needed.

Run the following to retrieve and configure your brigadehub container:

docker run -d --name brigadehub \
-p port:5465 \
-e MONGODB=mongourl \

where port is the desired external port to access the install (e.g. 80), and mongourl is the externally accessible mongodb instance (e.g. mongodb://localhost:27017/brigadehub-docker)

All put together, an example of how it should look:

docker run -d --name brigadehub \
-p 80:5465 \
-e MONGODB=mongodb://localhost:27017/brigadehub-docker \

This will download the image and start the instance.

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