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Real-time traffic visualization using NetFlix Vizceral
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What is Vizceral?

sflow-rt/vizceral is an sFlow-RT application that displays real-time metrics using Netflix Vizceral.

The circle in the center of the diagram represents the Internet and the circles around it represents local entities (sites, data centers, buildings, etc). The streams of dots represent packet flows to or from the Internet. Dot colors represent packet types: tcp/udp blue, icmp yellow, and other red. Click on nodes in the diagram to zoom in. Press ESC to unzoom.

How to use this image

docker run -p 6343:6343/udp -p 8008:8008 sflow/vizceral -Dviz.maxVolume=100000

Access the web interface on port 8008. The maxVolume setting is the maximum packets per second used to scale flows.

docker run -v $PWD/groups.json:/sflow-rt/store/vizceral~traffic.js/groups -p 6343:6343/udp -p 8008:8008 sflow/vizceral -Dviz.maxVolume=100000

Set the groups of IP addresses. The contents of the groups.json file are of the form:

  "INTERNET": [""],
  "SiteA": ["",""],
  "SiteB": ["",""]

Each groups can contain multiple IP addresses and/or CIDRs. The catch all INTERNET group is required.

docker run -p 8008:8008 sflow/vizceral -Dviz.demo=yes

Runs a demonstration of Vizceral based on application metrics from Netflix.


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