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Workstation on AWS EC2 (through CloudFormation) with Microsoft Remote Desktop service
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Installs a Ubuntu Linux (latest) with xrdp and some utilities. Firefox browser and sshd among others.


$ docker run -ti --name workstation -p 3389:3389 -p 1022:22 -e PASSWORD=******** sflyr/workstation

or just use Panoramix with the Rakefile provided:

$ PASSWORD=******** rake up

Password will configure user ubuntu (for both RDP and SSH access).

Launch a Windows Remote Desktop client on Windows or a Remmina client on *nix. Use user ubuntu and the password set above.

AWS CloudFormation: access to host Docker installation

If you launch it on AWS EC2 with the provided cloudformation.json template, you can use your host Docker client and server. Just append -v $(which docker):$(which docker) -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock to the argument list of docker run, like this:

$ docker run -ti --name workstation -p 3389:3389 -p 1022:22 -e PASSWORD=******** -v $(which docker):$(which docker) -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock sflyr/workstation


rake does not build the image up, it downloads it from Docker Hub instead. Should you need to build the image and publish it, just use the Dockerfile provided:

$ cd <project dir>
$ docker build -t sflyr/workstation .
$ docker push sflyr/workstation

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