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Nodejs library that parses fields from swift messages in txt format
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Nodejs library that parses fields from swift messages in txt format.

The input to this parser is the output file of pdftotext with input swift_message.pdf

where the pdf file is the one spit out by Swift Alliance Lite 2

The output is a JSON structure with the swift message fields and their values

ATM this only does MT103 swift messages (incoming transfers).


  1. Install Command-line-tool: npm install -g banking-swift-messages
  2. Install pdftotext with [sudo] apt-get install poppler-utils


  1. Go to your Swift Alliance Lite 2 incoming messages folder: Alliance\ Lite2/files/reception/IncomingMsgs
  2. Run
    pdftotext selected_file.pdf > selected_file.txt
    # save result to file
    swift2json -f selected_file.txt > selected_file.json
    # save result to mongo
    swift2json -f selected_file.txt -m localhost

Notes on caching to mongo:

  • the key in the mongo db is the basename of the filename passed
  • currently only the default mongodb port 27017 is allowed
  • currently only the banking-swift-messages database name is allowed
  • in case of error in connection to the mongo hostname, swift2json exits with code 255

Can also run with -d to

  1. grep a directory txt files for FIN 103 and
  2. filter the files for the ones that are not in the mongo database
  3. run the parser on the remaining files


This dockerfile is just a worker that

  1. greps the FFA text-format swift messages in /usr/share/swift/*.txt for FIN 103 (incoming transfers)
  2. parses those files with bin/swift2json
  3. populates the json to the mongo database


  1. Launch a mongo db instance: docker run -it -p 27017:27017 mongo
  2. Run the automated dockerfile published on Docker hub
    • it docker run -v /mnt/hqfile_data/Shadi/swift-datedPdfs/IncomingMsgs:/usr/share/swift --env MONGOHOST=localhost -it shadiakiki1986/banking-swift-messages-nodejs

Alternatively, build the dockerfile locally

  1. Build this dockerfile docker build -t s2m .
  2. Run it docker run -v /mnt/hqfile_data/Shadi/swift-datedPdfs/IncomingMsgs:/usr/share/swift --env MONGOHOST=localhost -it s2m

Change localhost to the hostname of the mongo db

Swift Messages Background Documentation

'''Much of this documentation was reached through the documentation of qoomon/banking-swift-messages-java, which is a parser for swift messages'''

The difference between that and this is that:

  • there the input is the raw swift message
  • This library deals with the text file output from pdftotext of the pdf version of the swift message that is output by Swift Alliance Lite 2

A credit transfer in the swift messages inventory is labeled MT103.

For general reading, check The Structure Of A SWIFT Message, Explained!
and SWIFT Message Types – Know Your MTs from your MXs....

Trade Samaritan and Millenium BCP (cached) explain the fields and procedure for this message well.


  • Install dependencies: [sudo] npm install
  • Lint: grunt jshint or just grunt
  • Develop while watching edits: grunt watch
  • Run unit tests: npm test
    • note that the proprietary files tests are skipped if not present
    • to test against a mongo instance, run one with docker run -it -p 27017:27017 mongo
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