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A restful Git API mimicking as most as possible the old good git
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Dockerfile for node-git-rest-api

Published on Docker hub

To use published docker: docker run -p 8081:8081 -it shadiakiki1986/docker-node-git-rest-api

To build locally: docker build -t shadiakiki1986/docker-node-git-rest-api .

To use local build: docker run -p 8081:8081 -it shadiakiki1986/docker-node-git-rest-api

An example php client is

Can pass environment variables supported by node-git-rest-api,
e.g. docker run -p 8081:8081 --env LOGLEVEL=info -it shadiakiki1986/docker-node-git-rest-api


This is pending
ATM, I just apply the patch

git-rest-api/rest-api.js line 78
var workDir = '/tmp/git/1161017-23323-pfc5zt'

and build locally

When the issue is resolved, I can modify the workdir path in index.js and the one in the dockerfile

Automatic build

The repository shadiakiki1986/node-git-rest-api triggers a webhook to docker hub to trigger building this docker image automatically

Otherwise, just update the version in package.json to the latest node-git-rest-api version, commit, and push.
This will trigger an automatic build on docker hub.

Docker Pull Command