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My wrapper functions for smtplib python library
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wrapper functions of smtplib python library


Install into python project

pip install

Manual install in pew virtualenv

[sudo] apt-get update
[sudo] apt-get install python-pip python-virtualenv python-dev
pip install pew
pew new -d ENV2
pew in ENV2 python install


The sendemail2 function requires the /usr/sbin/sendmail executable.
To install it run [sudo] apt-get install postfix and configure postfix

Unit tests

I have no unit tests

Integration Testing

  • Install docker-engine (requires 64-bit OS)
  • If desired, can run apt-cacher
  • Run built image (check example below)

    • either just pull the automated build image and run
      docker run -i -t shadiakiki1986/smtplib-wrapper server port username password email1 email2 (ntlm|login)
    • or build dockerfile manually (skip --build-arg USE_APT_CACHER if apt-cacher not running)
      docker build --build-arg USE_APT_CACHER -t smtplib-wrapper .
      docker run -i -t smtplib-wrapper server port username password email1 email2 (ntlm|login)
    • Examples
    • gmail
      docker run -it shadiakiki1986/smtplib-wrapper 587 shadiakiki1986 [my gmail password] [a 2nd email] login
    • MS Outlook Exchange
      docker run -it smtplib-wrapper [OWA URL] 587 [OWA username (without prefix "domain\\")] [password (in quotes if special characters)] [OWA email address (e.g.] [2nd email] ntlm
  • check that a test email is received at email1 and email2

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