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DEPRECATED!!! RAMCIP project build image with cached dependencies
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Private repository for the RAMCIP project


You'll need to install Ubuntu 14.04 lts first (we recommend using the 64bits version).

Then simply run the following command. Make sure you use a new directory in the -w path or it will be deleted!

bash <( curl -Ls -r ramcip -- -w ~{{ros_user}}/workspace/ramcip/base -t deploy -h development

You'll be asked for your root password once or twice at the beginning. Also, after a while you'll be asked for your GitHub credentials (in the TASK: [ros_workspace | Workspace update]). This scripts installs everything needed: ROS, the dependencies and the RAMCIP code.

After the script successfully finishes, you can simply open a new terminal and run roscd; cd ../src/ramcip to go to the main RAMCIP repository.

In case if you have already successfully executed installation script you can use upgrade script

bash <( curl -Ls -r ramcip -- -w ~{{ros_user}}/workspace/ramcip/base -t upgrade -h development

It will delete folder called base_deps but will only execute git pull on RAMCIP repository.
This script is checking if libraries are already installed and will not reinstall them (if you want full reinstallation please run main installation script).
The script will rebuild workspaces after updating all sources.

More information about different option of installation and deployment script can be found here.


Please read the guidelines before contributing to facilitate the collaboration.


Simulation folder will be now available on [F#40_simulations] branch.

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