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Contains the tabletop database with some selected objects and meshes for recognition.
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Start the database

To run the database:

docker run --name tabletop --rm --publish 5985:5984 shadowrobot/tabletop-detection

We're remapping the standard 5984 port to 5985 on the host so that it doesn't clash with a couchdb running locally.

Start the object recognition pipeline

If not already installed, install it:

sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-object-recognition-*

Start your kinect, don't forget to set the depth registration from the driver's dynamic reconfigure.

Download the detection config.

Then run the recognition pipeline pointing to that config file:

rosrun object_recognition_core detection -c ~/Downloads/detection.object.ros.ork

Building the docker image

From sr-build-tools/docker/tabletop_detection, create a folder objects and copy the meshes you want to add to the database with a sensible name for each file (it'll be used as the name of the object in the db) in that folder.

Then run docker build -t shadowrobot/tabletop-detection . . Don't forget to push the new image if you want: docker push shadowrobot/tabletop-detection.

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