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A container which contains a python script to generate ABYS Travel offer letters
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The container image based on Alpine linux. A python 2.7.11 engine powers a script that will generate a Travel offer letter for an ABYS player.

The script requires the following arguments:
usage: [-h] [--lowerteam LOWERTEAM]
gender division team_name first_name last_name

positional arguments:
gender Gender, e.g. (B)oys, (G)irls
division Age Group or Division name, e.g. BU10 or GU11
team_name Team Name e.g. A or B
first_name player first name
last_name player last name

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
The team notified after this team, e.g. A or B

Here is an example:

./ Boys BU11 A Samuel Ali

Here is the form of the letter:
Congratulations to the family of {firstName} {lastName}!

Your {sonDaughter} has been selected for placement on the ABYS {theDivision} {teamName} travel team for
the fall {thisYear} and spring {nextYear} seasons. {HeShe} is hereby invited to accept the offer to
play for the team. If you accept the offer, please understand that you are agreeing to a place on the
team for both the fall {thisYear} and spring {nextYear} seasons. Practices will be twice a week.
Additional details regarding the typical commitment to travel soccer is listed below. Please let us know
in the next 24 hrs if your {sonDaughter} will accept the invitation for the team.

If you choose not to have your {sonDaughter} play on the team, please let us know ASAP so that we can
extend an offer to a player who has not yet received a placement.

Congratulations again!

{firstName} {lastName}, we hope you will join the team.



Details of what is included in your commitment to play travel soccer, according to the ABYS guidelines
as stated on the web site.

1-The players placed on travel teams are expected to play in both the fall and spring seasons.
2-Players are expected to attend all scheduled practices and games, unless they have an excused absence (travel players see below)
3-The team will have one travel division PDC session each week with the other travel teams, and one or two other team practices during each week of the season.
4-If your child is playing on Strikers United or another club team, they are expected to attend at least one of the travel team practices and the game each week.
5-The games are typically held on Saturday afternoon, but could be at different times according to local field schedules of the other towns you will be playing in.

Our ABYS travel teams play in the Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) program. The normal BAYS section has six
teams from different towns, playing a 10-week schedule, such that each team will play a home-and-away set
against each other team in the section. While BAYS works with towns to try to form sections that are
geographically close, it is not abnormal to have a range of 20-30 miles between Acton and the farthest
town in a section. You can find more information about the travel soccer program on the ABYS web site at, and the BAYS site

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