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Development of Shaltúre has been discontinued and we recommend that you use
Atheme instead, which is under active
development again.
This repository is preserved for historical reasons. There
may be code or proposed features that have not been ported over to Atheme yet.


Shaltúre is a set of services for IRC networks designed for large IRC networks
with high scalability requirements. It is relatively mature software, with
some code and design derived from another package called Shrike, and is a fork
of a dying services package named Atheme.

Shaltúre's behavior is tunable using modules and a highly detailed
configuration file. Almost all behavior can be changed at deployment time just
by editing the configuration.

If you are running this code from Git, you should read GIT-Access for
instructions on how to fully check out the Shaltúre tree, as it is spread
across a few repositories.


Whatever you do, make sure you do not install Shaltúre into the same location
as the source. Shaltúre will default to installing in $HOME/shalture, so make
sure you plan accordingly for this.

$ git submodule update --init
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

If you're still lost, read INSTALL or GIT-Access for

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Be sure to read the FAQ as well.

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