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Elasticsearch Curator helps you curate, or manage, your Elasticsearch indices and snapshots
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You can run the default curator command simply:

$ docker run -d  shanelee007/curator4

This image comes with a default set of configuration files for curator,
but if you want to provide your own set of configuration and action files, you can do so via a volume mounted at /usr/share/curator/config:

$ docker run -d -v "$PWD/config":/usr/share/curator/config shanelee007/curator4


Define config file:

Location is /usr/share/curator/config/curator.yml

Define the action

Samples are located under config dir /usr/share/curator/config

###Dry run

 curator --dry-run ./config/create_location_index_curator.yml

If your happy then run it:

 curator  ./config/create_location_index_curator.yml

###Cron job

crontab -e

*/1  *  *  * *  /usr/local/bin/curator /usr/share/curator/config/create_location_index_curator.yml
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