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Elixir-Lang installed on Debian via APT repo
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Image Contents

At the time of writing, this Dockerfile results in an image with:

  • Alpine Linux 3.3
  • Erlang/OTP v18.1
  • Elixir v1.2.3
  • Hex v0.10.4
  • Rebar 3.0.0-beta-2

Checking Versions

Want to check the current versions included in the latest image in light of future rebuilds?

  • docker run -it --rm shanesveller/elixir-lang apk info erlang
  • docker run -it --rm shanesveller/elixir-lang elixir -v
  • docker run -it --rm shanesveller/elixir-lang mix
  • docker run -it --rm shanesveller/elixir-lang ~/.mix/rebar -V


  • Hex/Rebar are installed for the root user
  • We probably shouldn't run Elixir apps as root, even in containers

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