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test docker automated build
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Make sure docker daemon is running in your project directory:
eval "$(docker-machine env default)"

Pro tip: add this line to your bash_profile so it runs on all bash sessions

Step 1: Create && Build Image

  • Create Dockerfile
  • docker build -t <docker-automate> .`
  • List all your docker images: docker images
  • docker run <docker-automate>

Step 2: Setup public repo automated build

  • Create a github public repo
  • Goto github repo settings > webhook > services > add docker
  • Goto docker hub page, log in
  • Click create > create automated build
  • Link to your github repo

Step 3: Tag/Push image to docker hub repo

  • docker images
  • docker tag <Image ID> <Docker Hub account name>/<Image name>:latest
  • docker login --username=<Docker Hub Username>
  • Prompt with password login in terminal
  • docker push <Docker Hub account name>/<Image name>

Step 4: Automate build starts

  • Push commits to github repo, watch docker hub Repo page > build details Tab

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