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A small docker image) for python.

The total image size is 20.35 MB. This is achieved by using the great progrium/busybox as base image and the super small Egenix PyRun.


$ docker run -t -i --rm elyase/pyrun:3.4 python
eGenix PyRun 3.4.1 (release 2.0.1, default, Aug 26 2014, 11:51:10)
[GCC 4.6.4]
Thank you for using eGenix PyRun. Type "help" or "license" for details.


For a new image create a Dockerfile in your Python app project:

FROM elyase/pyrun:2.7
CMD [ "python", "./" ]



The official docker python image is too big (900 MB), the smallest python docker image runs at several hundred MBs. The reason for that is that a typical Ubuntu base image is more than 200MB in size plus ~100Mb for a basic python installation.

When is this useful?:

You have a small pure python script that you want to test/run in an isolated docker container.

Which python version is installed in the container?:

There are two image tags, one for python 2.7 and one for python 3.4. Ex:

$ docker pull elyase/pyrun:3.4

What are the drawbacks?:

Please refer to PyRun's page. Esentially: it is somewhat difficult to install dependencies and some less used modules are missing like readline, tkinter, multiprocessing, etc. In general everything should run like in a standard python distribution.

Can I install packages?

No, but I am planning on also making a pip compatible image.

Is this the smaller docker image for python?

No, this one is smaller (8.5MB)


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