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A hardened NGINX image bundled with auto-renewal setup to get Letsencrypt certificates for multiple domains without aa downtime.

  • Operating System: ubuntu:16.04
  • Nginx Version: 1.13.1


  • Restricted sudo access to run basic commands.
  • Auto renewal of Letsencrypt certificates.
  • Certificate validity checked every week as a cronjob and if required certificates renewed without service downtime.


  • The respective domain configuration file should exist under,

  • The valid SSL certificates for domains should be existing under a specific directory structure with respective symbolic links as shown below (currently certificates are blank),

Certificates & Keys required PATH:

  • "<NGINX_INSTALL_DIR>/ssl/<domain_name>/live/fullchain.pem"
  • "<NGINX_INSTALL_DIR>/ssl/<domain_name>/live/privkey.pem"

Symbolic Links to Certificates & Keys:

[user@server ~]# ln -s "<NGINX_INSTALL_DIR>/ssl/<domain_name>/live/fullchain.pem" "<NGINX_INSTALL_DIR>/ssl/<domain_name>/<domain_name>_fullchain.pem"

- [user@server ~]# ln -s "<NGINX_INSTALL_DIR>/ssl/<domain_name>/live/privkey.pem" "<NGINX_INSTALL_DIR>/ssl/<domain_name>/<domain_name>privkey.pem"


  • Default password for root and nginxuser is "nginx". CHANGE IT!
  • Default port is 80. To enable SSL, place the relevant certificates as shown in repo with '' sample.
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