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A Docker Hub image for glot-snippets.
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glot-snippets provides a http api for storing and managing snippets.
Snippets can be stored anonymously or as a user by including an api token
with the request. CouchDB is used as the datastore.
The api is described here.


The download above is a standard erlang release that includes a start script.
To start glot-snippets in the foreground type: glot/bin/glot foreground.

Environment variables

glot-snippets takes it's configuration from environment variables.
All vars needs to be set, no default values are provided.

Variable name Allowed values Example Description
API_ENVIRONMENT development | production production Development mode will enable auto compiling of changed files
API_HTTP_LISTEN_IP <ipv4 address> Listen ip
API_HTTP_LISTEN_PORT 1-65535 8090 Listen port
LOG_PATH <filepath> /home/app/log/ Path to save logs
BASE_URL <url> Base url to where the api is hosted
ADMIN_TOKEN <string> some-secret Admin token used to access the /admin endpoints
DB_URL <url> Url to CouchDB
DB_USER <string> glot CouchDB user
DB_PASSWORD <string> secret-password CouchDB password

Api users

Users can be created with the /admin/users endpoint.
See the api docs for more details.

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