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B2G Builder Image for Matchstick
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This image is created to help B2G developers especially for Matchstick developers to setup a docker build environment, for more stuffs about Matchstick, please refer to


  • ubuntu:14.04
  • Firefox OS build required packages
  • NodeJS 0.12.6
  • OpenSSHServer


  • docker run -d -p 2222:22 -v $work-dir:$work-dir shawnbow/b2g-builder
  • 'ssh root@ -p 2222', the password is 'root'.
  • For the first time login as root user, I strongly suggest to run 'useradd -u $(stat -c %u $work-dir) -s /bin/bash -m build' to create a default build user which has the same access permission with your host shared volume, since I don't think you would like to see your source code is messed up after building with root user.
  • 'cd $work-dir && su build'
  • Get into your b2g project path, run './'
  • Screen manager is also added into the image, you can build your project with screen.


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