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Zabbix proxy Dockerfile

This repository contains Dockerfile of Zabbix proxy for Docker's automated build published to the public Docker Hub Registry.

Base Docker Image


  1. Install Docker.

  2. Download automated build from public Docker Hub Registry: docker pull nbarnum/zabbix-proxy

    (alternatively, you can build an image from Dockerfile: docker build -t nbarnum/zabbix-proxy


Run zabbix_proxy

$ docker run -d --name zabbix-proxy -p 10051:10051 \
             nbarnum/zabbix-proxy -z <zabbix server ip> -s <proxy hostname to use>


  -s, --host           Zabbix hostname to use for Zabbix proxy (Hostname= in conf).
  -z, --zabbix-server  Zabbix server IP or DNS name (Server= in zabbix_proxy.conf).
  -m, --monit          Command to pass to Monit {start|stop|restart|shell|status|summary}. Default: run
  -p, --port           Zabbix server port to send to (ServerPort= in zabbix_proxy.conf). Default: 10051

Explore running container

docker exec -it zabbix-proxy bash


In order to tune the Docker host housing Zabbix proxy containers, consider applying the following sysctl settings:

kernel.shmall = 4194304
kernel.shmmax = 17179869184
kernel.shmmni = 4096
kernel.sem = 250 32000 100 128


Tags correspond to the version of Zabbix that is installed. Currently the following tags are included:

Docker Tag Zabbix version Zabbix release date
latest 2.4.5 21 April 2015
2.4.5 2.4.5 21 April 2015
2.2.9 2.2.9 12 March 2015
2.0.14 2.0.14 15 December 2014
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