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ZNC (IRC bouncer) with buildmod enabled.
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Build the image (can skip this if you're using the hub version):

$ docker build -t znc --rm .

Create data container:

$ docker create -v $PWD/znc:/home/znc/.znc --name=znc-data znc

Generate PEM and config, alternatively popular znc directory as if it were ~/.znc:

$ docker run --rm --volumes-from=znc-data znc:latest znc --makepem
$ docker run --rm --volumes-from=znc-data -it znc:latest znc --makeconf

Build modules (optional, example for building znc-push):

$ mkdir znc/src
$ git clone znc/src/znc-push
$ docker run --rm \
    --volumes-from=znc-data \
    znc:latest \
    znc-buildmod .znc/src/znc-push/push.cpp
Building ".znc/src/znc-push/" for ZNC 1.4... [ ok ]

Run the container:

$ docker run --detach --restart=always \
    --name znc --volumes-from=znc-data \
    --publish 7000:7000 \


  • We could make a more stripped-down znc docker if we separate the
    znc-buildmod into a separate image.
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