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Forged Alliance Forever main server
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FA Forever - Server

This is the source code for the Forged Alliance Forever server.

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Install docker.

Follow the steps to get faf-db setup, the following assumes the db container is called faf-db and the database is called faf and the root password ist banana.

The server needs an RSA key to decode uniqueid messages, we've provided an example key in the repo as faf-server.example.pem. The server expects this to be named faf-server.pem at runtime, so first copy this

cp faf-server.example.pem faf-server.pem

Then use Docker to build and run the server as follows

docker build -t faf-server .
docker run --link faf-db:db -p 8001:8001 -p 30351:30351 faf-server

Check if the container is running with

docker ps

If you cannot find faf-serverin the list, run docker run without -d to see what happen.

If you have a different root password, database name then the default (see, you must pass it over the environment parameter of docker, e.g.

docker run --link faf-db:db -p 8001:8001 -p 30351:30351 -e FAF_DB_PASSWORD=<wanted_password> -e FAF_DB_NAME=<db_name> faf-server 

Running the tests

Run py.test

docker run --link faf-db:db faf-server bash -c py.test


To contribute, please fork this repository and make pull requests to the develop branch.

Use the normal git conventions for commit messages, with the following rules:

  • Subject line shorter than 80 characters
  • Proper capitalized sentence as subject line, with no trailing period
  • For non-trivial commits, always include a commit message body, describing the change in detail
  • If there are related issues, reference them in the commit message footer


GPLv3. See the license file.

Network Protocol

The protocol is mainly JSON-encoded maps, containing at minimum a command key, representing the command to dispatch.

The wire format uses QDataStream (UTF-16, BigEndian).

For the lobbyconnection, each message is of the form:


With most carrying a footer containing:

LOGIN: QString

With a few message-types (UPLOAD_MOD, UPLOAD_MAP), there are more fields.

Incoming Packages

Mod Vault
  • {command: modvault, type: start}: show the last 100 mods
  • {command: modvault, type: like, uid: <uid>}: check if user liked the mod, otherwise increase the like counter
  • {command: modvault, type: download, uid: <uid>}: notify server about an download (for download counter), does not start the download
  • {command: modvault, type: addcomment}: not implemented

Can be combined !, e.g. {command: social, teaminvite: <...>, friends: <..>}

  • {command: social, teaminvite: <player_name>}: Invite a Player to a Team
  • {command: social, friends: <list of ALL friends>}: Update the friends on the db
  • {command: social, foes: <list of ALL foes>}: Update the foe (muted players) on the db
  • {command: avatar, action: upload_avatar, name: <avatar_name>, file: <file_content>, description: <desc>}: Admin Command to upload an avatar
  • {command: avatar, action: list_avatar}: Send a list of available avatars
  • {command: avatar, action: select, avatar: <avatar_url>}: Select a valid avatar for the player
  • [deprecated] {command: ask_session}: response with an welcome command and an valid session (can be delayed)
  • {command: fa_state, state: <on|...>}: notify the server if the game has launched or closed
  • {command: quit_team}: Leave a team
  • {command: accept_team_proposal, leader: <leader_name>}: Accept Team Invitation
  • {command: hello, version: <...>, login: <...>, password: <...>, unique_id: <...>, (session: <...>)}: Accept Team Invitation


The stream API is deprecated, but currently the following message types are supported:

  • PING: response with a PONG
  • PONG: internal state changed to ponged
  • UPLOAD_MOD, login, session, zipmap, infos, size, fileDaatas: Upload a mod
  • UPLOAD_MAP, login, session, zipmap, infos, size, fileDatas: Upload a map
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