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kafka manager Dockerfile

kafka manager is a tool from Yahoo Inc. for managing Apache Kafka.

Base Docker Images


docker run -it --rm  -p 9000:9000 -e ZK_HOSTS="your-zk.domain:2181" -e APPLICATION_SECRET=letmein sheepkiller/kafka-manager

(if you don't define ZK_HOSTS, default value has been set to "localhost:2181")

you can also override conf with local configuration files:

docker run [...] -v /path/to/confdir:/kafka-manager-1.2.7/conf [...]

Specify a revision

If you want to upgrade/downgrade this Dockerfile, edit it and set KM_VERSION to fetch the release from github.

Docker Pull Command

Comments (9)
a year ago

Hi.. I am new to docker and trying to install this container and run it. I am using a Mac. When I run this container, I am receiving a " Connection refused" from Zookeeper. My zookeeper is running on 2181 at localhost and I have Kafka running on my machine with messages being successfully processed and everything. Not sure what could be the reason for connection refused. I am using

docker run -it --rm -p 9000:9000 -e ZK_HOSTS="localhost:2181" -e APPLICATION_SECRET=letmein sheepkiller/kafka-manager

to run the container. Any guidance appreciated. Thanks

a year ago

@j0rd4n: I was curious about the same thing, but then realized just today that kafka-manager stores config changes made through the GUI in the Zookeeper cluster you connect to, under the under /kafka-manager path. These containers can really be ephemeral because of this and don't really require anything other than a custom config file if you wanted to tweak stuff like turning off certain editing features.

a year ago

Where does this image store changes? I'd like to volume mount the cluster setup so we can re-create containers without losing our configuration.

2 years ago

@rayjohnson Versions are now sync'd with build.sbt commits, since it seems that git tags (and then, github releases) are no longer used. To minimize annoyance during deployment, this docker image now provides tags, so you can rollback to the version of your choice

2 years ago

@mbonaci You have to set JMX_PORT parameter on your zookeeper/kafka server

2 years ago

This appears to be pulling a non-release version of Kafka-Manager. Why? (Is it from a pull request?) Just curious what is different...

2 years ago

I enabled JMX, but all metrics are still on 0. Does something need to be done in order to expose JMX when launching or you think I should post this question on the yahoo project's issues list?

3 years ago

APPLICATION_SECRET is used to set secret key and is overridable by default. Please refer to for more details

3 years ago

What does the APPLICATION_SECRET do here? It doesn't appear to be used in the Dockerfile.