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This is to deploy bots on confesh!
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Confesh Analytics


To install project requirements, run from the confesh root:

make requirements
make install-mongo
make install-sql
make setup-pipeline

Mount Holyoke and Smith Confessional MySql Datadump

To dump confesh data into your local mysql server, we assume that you have
access to data and you can download the files in your ~/Downloads folder.
Once you have downloaded the .sql data dumps, you can run

make data-dump
make sql2csv

# Check if you have all the csv files:
ls ./tmp

# holyokecon_confessional_codes.csv
# holyokecon_confessional_comments.csv
# holyokecon_confessional_hashes.csv
# holyokecon_confessional_reports.csv
# holyokecon_confessional_secrets.csv
# smithcon_confessional_codes.csv
# smithcon_confessional_comments.csv
# smithcon_confessional_hashes.csv
# smithcon_confessional_reports.csv
# smithcon_confessional_secrets.csv

Confesh MongoDB

It is highly recommended that you install mongo-hacker
to enhance the mongo commandline repl.

# install node on osx
$ brew install node
# npm install -g mongo-hacker

Now you can connect to the confesh mongodb server:

# make mongo-confesh

Ongoing Research Questions:

  • Understand how queer, gender issues (trans) topics and analysis on how sentiments has evolved over time.
  • Seeking to understand the topics of conversation over time by community.
  • Seeking to understand positive/negative sentiments in regards to topic over time by community.
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