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Smoothie board build
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A Smoothie firmware port to the Smoothieboard v2 boards.

Current status : Gcode processing, motion planning, and step generation work. Many secondary features need porting, and some major lower level things need implementation ( USB, Ethernet, SDIO ).


First, go into gcc4mbed

cd gcc4mbed/

Then, install the toolchain


Finally, setup the build environment


Then go to the Smoothie2 source code

cd ../src/

And finally compile the code


Board Specific Programming/Debugging Notes


Current major TODOs :

  • Porting of existing functionality that hasn't been ported yet ( anything in that isn't ported yet )
  • Some modules have been ported, but the underlying low-level/HAL stuff to talk to the peripherals isn't ( like SPI, or ADCs etc ), it's just dummy objects right now. So that needs porting too.
  • USB and Ethernet need to be implemented.
  • Doing the step generation on the M0 co-processor instead of on the M4 main core.
  • This port was forked from Smoothie months ago, it should be updated to incoprorate changes to Smoothie done in the meantime.

TODO functionality to port from v1 in more detail :

  • libs/Adc.cpp : Port low level ADC functionality, then re-enable it in TemperatureControl ( note : there is some weird pin configuration surrounding this that makes it more complicated than it seems, but I don't remember what it is. probably remembers what it is ).
  • libs/md5.cpp : Port and re-enable in SimpleShell
  • libs/Network : Port and enable
  • @adamgreen - libs/SDFAT.cpp : Port for SPI SD card access, not SDIO, and re-enable. Then add SDIO support.
  • @adamgreen - libs/SPI.cpp : Port and make to use the mBed library instead of registers
  • libs/USBDevice : Port and enable
  • libs/Watchdog : Port ( no mBed libraries available that I could find )
  • libs/Hook.h : Uses doubles instead of ints ( in v1 ) for some reason, should be fixed
  • modules/tools/drillingcycles : Port ( should be fairly simple )
  • modules/tools/extruder : Port
  • modules/tools/filamentdetector : Port
  • modules/tools/filamentdetector : Get PWM to work
  • modules/tools/scaracal : Port
  • modules/tools/spindle : Port and get PWM to work
  • modules/tools/temperaturecontrol : Finish porting, get the ADC to actually work, port the AD8495 temperature input
  • modules/tools/temperatureswitch : Port ( should be fairly easy )
  • modules/tools/toolmanager : Port ( should be trivial, is needed for Extruder )
  • modules/tools/touchprobe : Port ( could be quite easy )
  • modules/tools/zprobe : Port ( could be quite easy )
  • modules/tools/simpleshell : Port

  • The FPGA requires a SGPIO spi library

  • The FPGA requires a way to flash a .bin to it over JTAG from the M4

Things that are broken during the port and should be added back as things progress ( some things might be missing here. I try to use the TOADDBACK label when commenting things so search for that too ) :

  • In GcodeDispatch.cpp : Removed dependency to Pauser.h
  • In Switch.cpp : Commented out all of the set_low_on_debug stuff
  • In SlowTicker.h and Hook.h : Using doubles instead of ints for intervals/frequencies and counting down. Done to accomodate mBed, but dirty costly hack
  • In SlowTicker.h : Assuming it's fine to use mBed for this, we can remove a lot of code and just rely fully on mBed
  • In RingBuffer.h : Removed the irq stuff
  • In Laser.cpp : PWM pin is broken, needs to be fixed

Things changed from Smoothie1 :

  • Pin now uses mBed instead of registers
  • SlowTicker now uses mBed instead of registers
  • StepTicker now uses mBed instead of register
  • Various "waits" now use mBed's Timer

Planned refactors ( only to be done when the basic port is done ) :

  • Remove the checksum system for config options
  • Try to read config directly from SD card without cache ( as smoothie used to do ) now that we have SDIO
  • Queue refactor ( see wiki )
  • Adding MTP and removing MSD for USB
  • Full rewrite based on a RTOS
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