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Mumble container with mysql and ssl support
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How do I get set up?

Most basic setup with SQLite


docker run -p 64738:64738 -p 64738:64738/udp shimun/mumble

Or more advanced with MySQL

docker run -p 64738:64738 -p 64738:64738/udp -e DATABASE=MYSQL -e DB_HOST= -e DB_NAME=murmur -e DB_USER=<username> -e DB_PASS=<password> shimun/mumble

Optional variables to configure MySQL:

  • DB_PREFIX defaults to none: Prefix for tables generated by murmur

  • DB_PORT defaults to 3306: Port of your MySQL server, 3306 is the MySQL default

Or more secure by using your own, trusted certificate

docker run -p 64738:64738 -p 64738:64738/udp -v ./data/:/data -e SSL=true shimun/mumble

This requires that you placed your certificate in ./data/ssl/murmur.pem and your key in the same directory named as murmur.key

Optional variables to configure SSL:

  • SSL_FILENAME defaults to murmur(ex. above): The name of your certificates in /data/ssl

Other variables to configure Mumble:

  • SERVER_PASSWORD defaults to none: Password required to enter the server

  • MAX_USERS defaults to unlimited: Maximum amount of users allowed on the server

  • SERVER_TEXT defaults to Welcome to this server: Greeting message

  • REGISTER_NAME defaults to Root: Name of the top level channel

  • BANDWIDTH defaults to 72000: Bandwidth limit for voice data in bit/s

  • SUPW defaults to autogenerated: Password for the superuser account, you can lookup the autogenerated one in this containers logs

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