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apache on debian:jessie to work on tutum, with haproxy and syslogger
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This is originally based off the image here:

This is a simple Apache image. To use this image properly, you need to mount your sites content in 1 of two ways.

1) -v /home/joe/mysite:/var/www/ where in there, exists a directory named html
2) -v /home/joe/mysite/html:/var/www/html

Apache serves the actual content, the document root, from /var/www/html with the index files listed as index.php index.html

A note on SSL

Originally, there was support for SSL in this repo, but I removed it as my setup is configured to have SSL handled through
tutum/haproxy. Instructions to do so are here:


Apache is setup to log everything to /std/out it can be picked up by and sent
to places like loggly or papertrail

Simple Examples

Assuming you have your content at /home/jdoe/mysite/, the below will be sufficient to serve it. Note that many Docker
users encourage mounting data from a storage container, rather than directly from the filesyetem.

  • "It works!": docker run -p 80:80 -d eboraas/apache and browse to the host's IP address using http
  • ... using non-standard ports: docker -p 8080:80 -v /home/jdoe/mysite/:/var/www/ -d eboraas/apache
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