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Short Description
To retrieve all of your citations from Google Scholar.
Full Description

Google Scholar Citations

Want to know who/which journal has cited your work and compile a list?

This program allows you to retrieve all the citations an author has garnered from other scholars via Google Scholar, to store them in a bib file, and optionally, to download the publicly available PDF files associated with those citations.



To download, either directly download the zip file, or clone the git repository via command line with:

$ git clone

Basic Usage

Basic command line operation is needed. A very basic usage with defaults will be:

$ python

More Options

$ python [-h] [--request-interval REQUEST_INTERVAL] [--should-download]
               [--download-dir DOWNLOAD_DIR] [--citation-name CITATION_NAME]

optional arguments explained:

  --request-interval REQUEST_INTERVAL
                        # Interval (in seconds) between requests to google scholar
  --should-download     # Download PS/PDF files of all citations iff True
  --download-dir DOWNLOAD_DIR
                        # Directory for downloaded citations PDF files
  --citation-name CITATION_NAME
                        # File name for all your citations in BibTex format

positional argument:

  google_scholar_uri    # Your google scholar homepage


$ python --request-interval=50 --should-download

Getting Help

$ python -h # show this help message and exit

Avoid Too Many Requests

Crawl the web resposibly. We suggest that users set a large number for the --request-interval. Requesting too frequently may result in a block from Google.


18-Sep-2016: Enabled a number of command line options, updated README

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