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The repo is an upgrade of openfst-1.6.1 that enables using jupyter notebook with pywrapfst
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For windows users (you can find the equivalent osx tools as well)

1) Install docker
2) Install docker-machine (found in
3) Follow the steps to create a virtual machine one can access from cmd terminal
instructions in “Using Docker from Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe)” found in this link:

4) Open your vm
docker-machine start shiran-default
(shiran-defualt is my vm machine)

5) Run the image to create an instance
docker run -p 8888:8888 -i -t shirand/image_name /bin/bash

6) After creating an instance(container) and getting into it(via -i above) run:
jupyter notebook --ip --no-browser --allow-root
paste the given address (token) to your browser

Ensure that your ports are set by going to the virtual box settings and adding/ensuring that port is like the following:
name: jupyter, protocol: tcp, host ip:, host port: 8888, guest port: 8888

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