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An image for using Panini and Pywrapfst extension on top of Openfst
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This image mainly contains
1) Openfst 1.6.1:
Cyril Allauzen, Michael Riley, Johan Schalkwyk, Wojciech Skut and Mehryar Mohri,
"OpenFst: A General and Efficient Weighted Finite-State Transducer Library",

2) Pywrapfst 1.6.1:
Kyle Gorman
An Openfst Python Extention

3) Pynini 1.4:
Kyle Gorman, "Pynini: A Python library for weighted finite-state grammar compilation"
An Openfst Python Extension

Here are instructions for using jupiter notebook:
(make sure to run shirand/pynini image)

Also contains graphviz, git and vim

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