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This is the Japanese locale Ubuntu Desktop with lxde and VNC server.
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docker run --privileged=true --name vnc -p 5901:5901 -p 2233:22 -v /var/vnc:/var/vnc --privileged /root/
Connect with vncviewer to localhost:5901 with following password.
LXDE desktop with Japanese will come up.
X server has been allowed to tunnel ssh server as well.
Have fun!

[Default ID/Pass:]
user:root Pass: 1234
user: vnc Pass: vnc
VNC server connection pass: vncserver

This image has created with official ubuntu image and VNC.
Most of the procedures to create this image has been published on "Cloud blog of FLECT"(
Thanks to FLECT-san, and please refer this blog as well.

Also, to setup Japanese locale, I have refer "VIVA Linux" ( Let me appreciate them as well.

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