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marathonctl is a command line tool for Marathon


go get
  • Maybe someday binary downloads will be available

Deployment via Docker

# Add to ~/.bash_aliases
alias marathonctl='docker run --rm --net=host shoenig/marathonctl:latest'


marathonctl <flags...> [action] <args...>
       list                      - list all apps
       versions [id]             - list all versions of apps of id
       show [id]                 - show config and status of app of id (latest version)
       show [id] [version]       - show config and status of app of id and version
       create [jsonfile]         - deploy application defined in jsonfile
       update [id] [jsonfile]    - update application id as defined in jsonfile
       update cpu [id] [cpu%]    - update application id to have cpu% of cpu share
       update memory [id] [MB]   - update application id to have MB of memory
       update instances [id] [N] - update application id to have N instances
       restart [id]              - restart app of id
       destroy [id]              - destroy and remove all instances of id

       list               - list all tasks
       list [id]          - list tasks of app of id
       kill [id]          - kill all tasks of app id
       kill [id] [taskid] - kill task taskid of app id
       queue              - list all queued tasks

       list                        - list all groups
       list [groupid]              - list groups in groupid
       create [jsonfile]           - create a group defined in jsonfile
       update [groupid] [jsonfile] - update group groupid as defined in jsonfile
       destroy [groupid]           - destroy group of groupid

       list               - list all active deploys
       destroy [deployid] - cancel deployment of [deployid]

       leader   - get the current Marathon leader
       abdicate - force the current leader to relinquish control
       ping     - ping Marathon master host[s]

  -c [config file]
  -h [host]
  -u [user:password] (separated by colon)
  -k - allow unverified tls connections
  -f [format]
       human  (simplified columns, default)
       json   (json on one line)
       jsonpp (json pretty printed)
       raw    (the exact response from Marathon)


  • Specify using "-c [file]" or "-h [host:port]"

Configuration Properties [hosts] (ex,,
marathon.user: [user]
marathon.password: [password]



  • This example demonstrates -h, -u for host/login information
    $ ./marathonctl -h http://marathon1:8080,http://marathon2:8080,http://marathon3:8080 -u user:pass marathon ping
    HOST                   DURATION
    http://marathon1:8080  11.004071ms
    http://marathon2:8080  25.422ms
    http://marathon3:8080  6.927772ms


  • This example demonstrates -c and a file for host/login information
  • This example demonstrates -f and the jsonpp (pretty printed json) output format
    $ ./marathonctl -f jsonpp -c /etc/ marathon leader
      "leader": "tst-mcontrol1:8080"


  • This example demonstrates -f to specify one-line json output format
    ./marathonctl -f json -c /etc/ marathon abdicate
    {"message":"Leadership abdicted"}

    Group List

  • This example demonstrates the default human readable output
    $ ./marathonctl -c /etc/ group list
    GROUPID                                     VERSION                   GROUPS  APPS
    /                                           2015-04-07T20:29:35.672Z  3       0
    /websites                                   2015-04-07T20:29:35.672Z  2       0
    /websites/indeed                            2015-04-07T20:29:35.672Z  1       0
    /websites/indeed/indeed-pings               2015-04-07T20:29:35.672Z  1       0
    /websites/indeed/indeed-pings/  2015-04-07T20:29:35.672Z  0       2
    /websites/google                            2015-04-07T20:29:35.672Z  2       0
    /websites/google/            2015-04-07T20:29:35.672Z  0       1
    /websites/google/        2015-04-07T20:29:35.672Z  0       1

    App Create

  • This example demonstrates creating an app as specified in a json file
    $ ./marathonctl -c /etc/ app create sample/
    APPID                VERSION
    /hoenig/ping-google  2015-04-07T21:41:53.440Z
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