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Docker: GitBucket

Docker image of GitBucket which based on the latest official java image.

Supported database

By default use PostgreSQL

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL


Name Default Description
GITBUCKET_PORT 8080 Gitbucket web port
GITBUCKET_DB_TYPE PostgreSQL Selectable from the following PostgreSQL, MySQL
GITBUCKET_DB_HOST db Database host
GITBUCKET_DB_PORT 5432 Database port
GITBUCKET_DB_NAME gitbucket Database name
GITBUCKET_DB_USER gitbucket Database user name
GITBUCKET_DB_PASS gitbucket Database user password

Available versions

  • 4.13
  • 4.14.1
  • 4.15
  • 4.16
  • 4.17
  • 4.18.0
  • 4.19.3
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