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Consul Backup and Restore tool.

This will use consul-api (Go library) to recursively backup and restore all your
key/value pairs.

You need to set up your Go environment and "go get"
and "go get"

a "go build" will generate executable named "consul-backup"

consul-backup [-i IP:PORT] [--restore] <filename>
consul-backup -h | --help
consul-backup --version

-h --help Show this screen.
--version Show version.
-i, --address=IP:PORT The HTTP endpoint of Consul [default:].
-r, --restore Activate restore mode

Dockerized Version

This app is Dockerized.

to build following changes docker build -t consul-backup .

To backup consul-kv simply run

docker run --rm -v /tmp:/tmp consul-backup app -i <CONSUL-URL>:8500 /tmp/backup_consul

To restore consul-kv simply run

docker run --rm -v /tmp:/tmp consul-backup app -i <CONSUL-URL>:8500 --restore /tmp/backup_consul

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a year ago

This did not worked for me. I took backup of Vault KV databases and tried to restore it.

Consulate did the job for me.