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TAO Docker Image

Docker container for running TAO Testing platform.


TAO image based on latest php-7 official image and uses latest build of code from Official TAO Packages, version 3.1 RC.

This container contains only php application, that runs on 9000 tcp port. For build full working application you should use Docker Compose configuration in folder tao in this repository.


# clone repository
git clone

# go to tao folder inside
cd docker-tao/tao

# compose installation
docker-compose up

# get IP of virtual machine
docker-machine ip default

# open IP address in browser and run installation
open http://<your-machine-ip>

Note! Mysql username and password stored in tao/docker-compose.yml config file.

Note! Mysql host during the installation should be defined as db:mysql.


For using this environment for development you should to copy docker-composer.yaml and nginx.conf into folder with your sources of TAO and to add following lines to your docker-compose.yml after image: alroniks/tao:latest:

  - .:/var/www/html

Also you can define own domain for your installation. Yoy should edit your /etc/hosts file and map your local domain to IP address then add domain name into nginx.conf and run docker-compose up.

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