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An image with the Go implementation of shadowsocks.

Quick Start:

docker run --expose=8388 -P -d sigma84/shadowsocks-go sudo -u nobody /opt/shadowsocks/shadowsocks-go -k=$password -m=aes-256-cfb -p=8388

It is highly recommended that you store the shadowsocks password in an environment variable as shown above. This way the password will not show in plain text when you run docker ps.

Usage of ./shadowsocks-go:
  -c="config.json": specify config file
  -core=0: maximum number of CPU cores to use, default is determinied by Go runtime
  -d=false: print debug message
  -k="": password
  -m="": encryption method, use empty string or rc4
  -p=0: server port
  -t=60: connection timeout (in seconds)
  -version=false: print version
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